• Image of Todays Mathematics Issue 3

Todays Mathematics 003 is 36 color pages of NJ graffiti, urban decay, esoteric art, and subversive subterfuge. Featuring art by ACROE TSHIRT, 5IVER, EVIKT, SAPE, EIO, RELAX, NARK, Hieronymus Bosch, ZAR, TECK, SOCO, REST, LUST, NTEL, LOSER, DISTORT, LESK, DROW, ZEW1, JAG, NEMO, TWERK, EMO, GROPE, METOR, REAP, AJAE, BENK, TORN, and many much more.

All zines come with a special NTEL/MATH collabo sticker, and OneMoreHit stickers.

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